Corolar Release 7.3.0


The 7.3.0 release of Corolar includes all features from previous releases and hotfixes, as well as a number of enhancements to core Corolar components.

Affected Components

The affected components section describes the Corolar components for which this particular release applies.

Corolar Monitor – HL7 message viewer/parser.

This is a new feature that specifically built for HL7 v2.x messages viewing. Whenever a user is trying to “view message” under message management or Exception Management. If the message is an HL7 v2.x message, Corolar Monitor will attempt to parse the message and display it in a tree view.

The standard names for each field/components are also included so a user can find information within an HL7 message much easier.

The parser will parse an HL7 message as well as HL7 ACK/NAK.

Known Issues

Corolar Monitor:

1. Under User Management, the grid that shows details show both Interface Profiles and Code Table Profiles in the same “Profile” column


When an administrator gets an overview of the user management details, the “Profile” column shows both Interface Profiles and Code Table Profiles.


Name Interface Profiles and Code Table Profiles with a naming convention like IP_xxxxx and CTP_xxxxx to differentiate them. Next release of Corolar will have the 2 different types of profiles shown in different columns