Corolar Release 6.12.0302.1 SP2 March 2013 Hotfix


Corolar Hotfixes are a collection of hotfixes for issues that have been identified within the Dapasoft Corolar product. Corolar Hotfixes are cumulative, however each hotfix describes only the fixes added since the previous Corolar Hotfix. Thus, prior Hotfix release notes should be reviewed for information regarding earlier published fixes.

Note: this Hotfix requires Corolar 6.12.0302.1 with Service Pack 2 installed

Affected Components

The affected components section describes the Corolar components for which this particular hotfix applies.

Corolar BizTalk Artifacts

The hotfix addresses issues identified within the Dapasoft Corolar Pipeline Components.


Corolar Dynamic Map Pipeline Component is causing error in HL7 Assembler when the outbound schema message type (namespace#root_node_name) is different from the inbound schema message type


You may get serialization error from the HL7 Assembler because the Message Type does not match the message type of the actual message.


The dynamic map pipeline component originally was designed to work with the same message type and schema namespace only. Therefore, when trying to map from a schema to one that has a different message type and/or namespace, it does not behave as expected.


Install Corolar Release 6.12.0302.1 March 2013 Hotfix.

Known Issues

Corolar Dynamic Map Pipeline Component


Dynamic Map Pipeline Component does not work properly when the map that it uses contains a space in the assembly name (the project name under visual) and/or contains a space in the namespace.


The Dynamic Map Pipeline Component is currently unable to handle spaces properly.


Avoid using spaces in the project name / assembly name and namespace for maps that will be used by the Dynamic Map Pipeline Component.