Built for Public Sector.

Public sector’s unique integration challenges include data is highly sensitive and regulated, buried across hundreds of siloed, custom, geographically distributed applications. Only Corolar Cloud Interoperability Platform solved for this problem. Corolar is built for Public Sector.


Corolar Cloud is a cloud-native interoperability platform built to modernize complex IT landscapes through integration with complete control. 

Connect a Complex Landscape.

Hundreds of on-premises, custom systems across siloed departments and locations will remain in government. Legislation and regulations are unique and custom requirements will remain. This IT landscape increases integration complexity. 

In addition to offering out-of-the-box adaptors, Corolar lets you connect these systems with flexible message mapping. Create the interoperability and exposed services you need now, and refactor legacy systems incrementally. 

Own and Control.

Governments are stewards of large volumes of sensitive data that is highly regulated. Other vendors require data handover, increasing risk and limiting control and data sovereignty. Corolar Cloud is deployed in your cloud instance of choice. Take control over your integration environment and data. Outsource only what you need, pivot your IT teams to emerging technologies, and build capability for the future. Modernize through cloud services with maximized autonomy.


Cloud-native, not Cloud-based.

Many integration solutions claim to be cloud-native, but are merely cloud-based. Legacy solutions have simply been shifted to the cloud, which means they are still resource-intensive. Corolar is architected for the cloud. 

Transforming services through the Internet of Things and AI will increase data volume. Transformation also depends on integration. To realize modernization goals, scaling up and scaling down infrastructure with hyper-flexibility and efficiency is no longer optional.


Corolar Cloud Public Sector Interoperability Capabilities

Own and Control

Provision Corolar Cloud on your own cloud instance. Minimize risk exposure, dependence on vendors, and improve data security and sovereignty.

Pre-built Connectors 

Leverage 200+ out-of-the box connectors for common applications. 

Identity Services

Permission-based authorization can be managed by non-specialists to allow for controlled data sharing. 

Logging and Auditing

Fine auditability of high-sensitivity data to improve security and compliance required in the public sector, including for data in transit.

Interface Management Portal

Create a repeatable, predictable and easy integration lifecycle for any combination of cloud-resident and on-premise endpoints. Control where data is stored, for how long, and who has access to it. 



Publish and manage application programming interfaces (APIs) with our service. Expose services in the cloud or on premises.


Create and run integration logic. Implement a new business process that relies on multiple applications that can be accessed through APIs.  Define workflow logic easily with a graphical tool.


Loosely couple the communication between applications and integration technologies. Communicate asynchronously, even across diverse technology platforms.


Rather than polling a queue in a messaging service, learn about changes by receiving an event. These hybrid cloud services, sometimes combined with other public cloud technologies, can be used to integrate both cloud and on-premises applications.


The public sector integration landscape is changing with Corolar. Modernization goals like seamless, citizen-first experiences are in reach.