Corolar Release 7.2.0


The 7.2.0 release of Corolar includes all features from previous releases and hotfixes, as well as a number of enhancements to core Corolar components.

Affected Components

The affected components section describes the Corolar components for which this particular release applies.

Corolar Monitor – Code Set Mapping

  • Code Set Maps now have tighter permission control. Previously, a user either has access to all code set tables or has none. In Corolar 7.2.0, “Code Table Profiles” are introduced (similar to “Interface Profiles”), where users can be assigned to Code Table Profiles, and they will only have access to the tables belonging to that profile.

  • Administrators can go to Settings -> Security -> Code Table Profile to set up the profiles and assign tables to the profiles.

  • To assign users into a Code Table Profiles, administrators can go to Settings -> Security -> User Management -> Edit -> Manage Code Table Profiles.

Corolar BizTalk Artifacts

  • Code Set Mapping API – GetMappingValueWithDefault

    • This API call no longer writes an “error” to the event log when the mapping value is not found. It simply returns the default value and no events will be written to the Windows Event Log.

Known Issues

Corolar Monitor:

1. Under User Management, the grid that shows details show both Interface Profiles and Code Table Profiles in the same “Profile” column


When an administrator gets an overview of the user management details, the “Profile” column shows both Interface Profiles and Code Table Profiles.


Name Interface Profiles and Code Table Profiles with a naming convention like IP_xxxxx and CTP_xxxxx to differentiate them. Next release of Corolar will have the 2 different types of profiles shown in different columns