Corolar Release 6.12.0302.1


The 6.12.0302.1 release of Corolar includes all previously published hotfixes as well as a number of enhancements to core Corolar components.

Affected Components

The affected components section describes the Corolar components for which this particular release applies.

Corolar Monitor

This release contains a number of new features for Corolar Monitor:

  • Alerts can be configured to be sent repeatedly instead of just once.

  • Alert e-mails will now include text on how many times the alert has been sent

  • Queue size alerts will now show the actual queue size

  • All alerts will now be recorded in the Windows Event Log no matter what alert agent is used

  • Scheduling Management: each individual schedule will now show the interfaces that are currently associated with it.

  • Interface names can now be searched using wildcard characters *, ? and []

  • Interface dashboard and Interface Management grid now have width adjustable columns

  • Interface dashboard columns can now be sorted

  • It is now possible to specify the number of rows to be displayed per page on the dashboard, and you can jump to a specific page

  • The Corolar Monitor no longer needs to be run in Internet Explorer Compatibility mode

  • It is now possible to do message content search by wildcard characters *, ? and []

  • It is now possible to delete/remove an interface from the Corolar Monitor (Note: doing so will delete the message archive table for that interface from the Database as well)

Corolar Monitor

This release contains performance improvements for the Receive pipeline Pre-processor, the Receive pipeline Post-processor as well as the Send pipeline Pre-processor. These three components now process messages in a streaming fashion which lowers memory consumption as well as improving overall performance for the Corolar receive and send pipeline.

Note: In order to improve performance the underlying streams returned from the components are now forward read only. This means that the streams are non seekable. If any custom pipeline components are placed within the Dapasoft provided pipelines the handling of non seekable streams needs to be addressed within the custom developed pipeline components.

Please refer to the pipelines configuration document to see changes in the properties.

Corolar Installer

This release contains a new and improved installer that automates most of the installation process.

  • The installer will now automatically check for software prerequisites.

  • The installer will ask for all relevant information (e.g. serial #, target database, etc) before installation.

  • The installer will automatically run SQL scripts and modify the pipelinecomponents.config instead of having the user manually execute those steps.

  • The installer will now automatically install and deploy BizTalk Corolar Artifacts (if the component is chosen), without requiring the user to manually run the msi separately.

Known Issues


The pipeline may not behave properly if the HL7 message that is sent does not have any value in MSH-9.2 (a required field in HL7 Standard)


If the HL7 message that is sent through this pipeline does not have any value in MSH-9.2, the pipeline will throw a validation exception saying that it is a malformed HL7 message and will get logged in the “FailedLogPath”. The message may be not be logged in its original form. However, the raw message would be logged if File Logging or DB Logging is enabled.


The Receive Pre-processsor pipeline component made an assumption that MSH-9.2 is always populated. Therefore, if MSH-9.2 is not available, it does not behave properly.


Make sure the upstream system is populating the Trigger Event (MSH-9.2). This issue will be fixed in a future release of Corolar or in a Hotfix.