Corolar Release 7.5.2 (Hotfix #2 for 7.5.0)


Corolar Hotfixes are a collection of hotfixes for issues that have been identified within the Dapasoft Corolar product. Corolar Hotfixes are cumulative, however each hotfix describes only the fixes added since the previous Corolar Hotfix. Thus, prior Hotfix release notes should be reviewed for information regarding earlier published fixes.

Note: This Hotfix requires Corolar 7.5.0 installed

Affected Components

The affected components section describes the Corolar components for which this particular release applies.

Corolar BizTalk Management Service

  • Fixed an issue caused by this service when “auto resume” suspended messages is turned on, it would resume the suspended messages even if the send port is stopped. It will now only resume messages when the send port is “Started”.