From Buzzword to Benefits Now

If your organization is talking about digital transformation, IoT is also part of the conversation. The reality is few organizations have the integration and interoperability maturity and security capabilities to realize IoT benefits. A proliferation of devices on the market is instead creating new data silos.

Corolar IoT provides the interoperability and security backbone you need to manage devices and connections and innovate without disruption.

Modular Design to Meet Your Needs

Hundreds of new IoT sensors and devices are entering the market, and organization’s needs will change quickly. With our decoupled approach to connectivity layers, organizations can respond to a changing market with more agility.

Build the best, simplest solution for your organization’s connectivity needs with Corolar IoT Platform.

Manage the connectivity of IoT devices using public network infrastructure (e.g., LTE), private infrastructure, or emerging technologies (5G).


Our model is already trusted for leading transportation solution providers globally:

More Connections. More Secure.

With Corolar IoT Platform, security is seen as an enabler of interoperability. Corolar IoT Platform helps ensure each device, connection, and Cloud instance is secure. 

Device identification and authentication using public key infrastructure as a service, key management, and support of multiple encryption models.

Encryption protocols transparency (e.g., support of SSL and IPSEC mechanisms and others)

Sophisticated threat detection and monitoring.


Manage Complex Integration Landscapes

APIs are part of the IoT interoperability landscape, but cannot address all interoperability scenarios and capabilities required to securely and reliably scale up integration needed in a sensor-heavy world. IoT transformation must not only be scalable and resource-efficient, but also reflect real-world integration landscapes.


Many larger organizations have custom, on-premises applications and integration scenarios beyond the scope of APIs.

Corolar IoT leverages our interoperability platform and is built for deeper interoperability in complex integration landscapes.

There is no prevailing IoT standard for communication, security, transport and data transfers. Create your own library of managed connections and standards with Corolar IoT Platform. Build on our rich library of device protocols and standards based on your unique integration landscape


Ensure your solution can accept and interact with the largest possible number of devices while also interacting with legacy and vendor-specific networks.

Configure, don’t code with Corolar IoT Platform. Use our graphical mapping tool to connect IoT data to any application or data store on premises, or in the Cloud.

Empower ordinary business users to determine the granularity and filtering of data sent to other systems and whether or not data should be automatically aggregated.