Corolar Release 7.5.0


The 7.5.0 release of Corolar includes all features from previous releases and hotfixes, as well as a number of enhancements to core Corolar components.

Affected Components

The affected components section describes the Corolar components for which this particular release applies

Corolar BizTalk Management Service

– A new windows service is introduced in Corolar v7.5.0 to support new management functionality in future releases.

– In the current release, Auto-resume for Send Ports have been moved under this service to improve the reliability of auto-resuming BizTalk suspended instances.

– This service is listed in the installer as a separate item. Please make sure this is checked when installing v7.5.0 on a BizTalk server.

Corolar Database

– A deadlock issue is resolved when resubmitting a large amount of messages (100k+ messages).

Corolar Installer

– Installer will pop up warning when user is trying to run the installer as someone that is not sysadmin to the Corolar Database.

– Resolved an issue when the Corolar Account password contains special characters.

Corolar Monitor

– Message correlation is enhanced to include the destination interface name.

– Various user interface enhancements.