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Healthcare Integration and Interoperability


Providing seamless integration and interoperability within your healthcare environment is critical to clinical decision making, improved patient experience and outcomes, as well as overall reduction in costs. Open and interoperable healthcare solutions from Dapasoft using time tested and proven Microsoft based products make it faster and easier for your healthcare organization to connect to one another and share critical information that is essential in delivering the highest quality of care possible.

Health Analytics & BI

As healthcare organizations face increasing pressures to improve performance and quality of care, many are turning to the implementation of health analytics and business intelligence solutions.

By implementing Microsoft business intelligence and information management solutions combined with the direct utilization of HL7 messages and Dapasoft’s Corolar CDR, your healthcare organization will be able to access data sources and have the ability to analyze the data in an easily understandable format.

By aggregating disparate data, your organization will be able to easily identify, analyze and act on the insights gained in order to improve performance in clinical, operational and financial areas.

BI, Information Management Solutions
Share and Collaborate with your Co-Workers

Health Collaboration

In today’s healthcare environment, it’s increasingly important to share the most up to date information with colleagues independent of location or device. 

Solutions provided by Dapasoft combined with trusted products powered by Microsoft allow your workers to connect, collaborate and share information vital to the attainment of successful patient outcomes. 

By using technology toolsets and equipment that your staff are already familiar with, we make it easy to collaborate, allowing you to focus on patient care instead of learning complicated new software.

Cloud Computing In Health

Whether you decide to use the cloud, store your data on site or choose a hybrid solution, we have the capability to meet your needs. 

With flexible deployment options, you can establish a flexible, scalable, reliable, secure service delivery platform that will make service delivery seamless, automated, measurable and predictable. 

With Microsoft’s Connected Health Platform which is the implementation of the Connected Health Framework Architecture and Design Blueprint, you can rest assured that you will build a service and standards based interoperable e-health solution that is efficient, security enhanced and scalable, allowing you to meet and exceed expectations of the patients, healthcare colleagues and partner organizations, now and into the future.

Cloud Healthcare computing
Customized mobile applications based on your needs

Mobility in Health

Health workers need to be able to access the most up to date information and collaborate with internal and external colleagues and customers whenever and wherever they are and on a device of their choice. With the proliferation of mobile devices in the healthcare industry, clinicians use numerous mobile devices during their workday. Whether using a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device to access data, conduct research or use applications that can improve patient care and outcome, there is a growing trend in their usage and with the consumerization of these devices, security becomes a critical issue.

You need a reliable, complete and efficient solution that allows your users to access data from virtually anywhere, while protecting the data and ensuring compliance with industry best practices. Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform solutions address IT infrastructure management and user needs by providing protection and access for cloud and corporate connected devices into a single infrastructure, allowing IT departments to provide consistent experiences across all device types.

Hybrid Cloud Integration Services with Azure for Healthcare

Key features from BizTalk Server such as Connectors (File, HTTP, etc.) EDI, XML validation, transformation, Business Rules engine and others are provided as API Apps.

Dapasoft’s Azure Health Integration Services provides scalable healthcare integration toolkits to accelerate the implementation of integration solutions built on standards, such as HL7 v2, v3, CCDA, and others.

Furthermore, our solution consists of Interface dashboards focused on the operational needs of managing a complex healthcare integration environment in Azure.

  •  HL7 v2 Parser. Flexible parser with features such as schema driven validation, free text support, acknowledgement processing
  • MLLP Connectors to receive and send HL7 v2 messages
  • Interface Dashboard for management of Interfaces (Logic Apps, API Apps, etc.). Support for key operational requirements such as Real time Interface status, audits, code set management and others
  • Toolkit for healthcare standards, such as HL7 v3, CDA, and CCDA

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