Fueling Corolar: New Investment to Support Cloud Innovation

Fueling Corolar: New Investment to Support Cloud Innovation

Dapasoft announced today that it has secured an investment from the York Angel Investors (YAI), representing the YAI’s largest deal ever. Dapasoft will use the additional funding to accelerate Corolar’s innovation and growth, and Dapasoft will offer a Microsoft cloud-based integration solution to be released by the end of 2015.

As the global healthcare industry moves to cloud technologies, Dapasoft aims to be the leader in Microsoft cloud-based healthcare integration solutions. For healthcare organizations, Microsoft’s cloud platform can enable efficient patient and physician collaboration, streamlined business processes and secure data sharing, while saving money by reducing infrastructure costs. This funding will help Dapasoft grow with healthcare-specific API Apps developed for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Currently, Dapasoft is developing HL7 integration components for the Microsoft Azure platform. The Healthcare Azure Services will simplify the implementation and management of interoperability solutions using industry standards such as HL7, MLLP, CDA and others. The new financing will fuel Dapasoft’s mission to be the leading provider of Microsoft cloud-based solutions for the healthcare vertical, and it will help Dapasoft to expand its service offerings into the U.S. market and beyond.

“At Dapasoft, we’ve proven our business model with healthcare integration solutions across Canada, and we’re excited for the YAI’s investment along with their experience and partnership to help Dapasoft grow into global markets,” said Michael Lonsway, Dapasoft’s President.

With Microsoft’s new war-cry: “cloud-first”, the new funding will assist Dapasoft in aligning with Microsoft’s vision of embracing API’s that empower partner solutions to be at the center of the customer experience. There is a tremendous potential of leveraging the cloud for big data and health analytics, with this investment, Dapasoft is ready to open the doors to new possibilities and opportunities.

How will this impact our existing Corolar product?

We are very proud of our existing Corolar product, and we will continue to develop, enhance and support our current on-premise solutions. Dapasoft’s new cloud offering will be complimentary to extend our existing Corolar product, and together our integration solutions will provide customers with flexibility for on-premise, cloud and hybrid workloads.

For more information, please contact Michael Lonsway at 416-847-4080 Ext. 1002, or by email at mlonsway@dapasoft.com.

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