Microsoft BizTalk in Healthcare Webinar Series

Learn the Tips & Tricks of HL7 v2, HL7 v3, XDS, CDA, JSON for Healthcare Integration

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You have the great responsibility of ensuring clinical and financial systems are integrated to share patient data with internal applications and external partners. With the mission to provide accessible health data at every point of care, integration has become increasingly more complex and time consuming. It is our goal to simplify and speed up development processes by providing you with the latest and best tips and tricks from our very own BizTalk Server integration team. Hosted monthly, join our team and our thought leader, Ramraj Rajkumar, on our quest to pass on our knowledge and continue to push health IT forward. Register for our BizTalk Webinar Series!

Each Webinar Includes:

Introduction to common pain points and integration scenarios

Step-by-step live instructions on how to implement BizTalk solutions

Q&A session

Our Webinar Team!

Corolar Integration Team

Past Webinars

Implementing HL7 V2 with BizTalk

HL7 V2 Webinar

11 a.m. EST May 12, 2015

Ramraj Rajkumar, Darwesh Mangat, and Gary Fung

Developing HL7 v3 Solutions with BizTalk

HL7 v3 Webinar

1 p.m. EST June 3, 2015

Darwesh Mangat & Marius Toadere

Implementing XDS & CDA with BizTalk

XDS & CDA Webinar

2 p.m. EST July 23, 2015

Darwesh Mangat & Shirley He

Leveraging JSON for Healthcare Interoperability

JSON Webinar

11 a.m. EST Sept 17, 2015

Darwesh Mangat & Hector Konomi