Client Success Story! Connecting NEODIN to Patient Data across Ontario

Client Success Story! Connecting NEODIN to Patient Data across Ontario

We are very excited to announce another successful installation of Corolar at the Northern and Eastern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network (NEODIN). The NEODIN project connects 62 hospitals to a shared medical imaging repository that services over 2 million Ontarians.

Looking for a solution that can handle a high message volume in the form of HL7 ADT, ORM, and ORU messages, NEODIN selected Dapasoft’s Corolar integration engine. The result is a seamless messaging platform that provides 62 healthcare organizations with the freedom to access patient data and medical images quickly, reducing wait times & lengths of stay, eliminating the need for physical record transport, and ultimately improving patient care in Ontario. Providing a longitudinal view of the patient’s health record, and acting as a long term archive for the region, it is imperative to NEODIN that their integration engine is able to work seamlessly in remote disaster recovery scenarios.

Corolar is designed to operate without dropped messages during failover and/or disaster recovery scenarios. NEODIN took full advantage of these Corolar features when implementing redundant data centers in Thunder Bay and Sudbury.

NEODIN eliminates the need for patients and healthcare physicians to transport images or reports between various physicians on CD, decreasing the occurrence of duplicate testing.  Physicians now have 24/7 digital access to patient reports and have the ability to upload and share new files with other specialists. This not only saves valuable treatment time, but decreases patient travel between facilities. We are proud that Corolar is an integral part of the NEODIN solution.

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