Data: The Secret Sauce to Improving Maternal Child Care Practices

Data: The Secret Sauce to Improving Maternal Child Care Practices

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We are excited to be sponsoring this year’s BORN Conference on February 6th, 2015, in Ottawa, Ontario. With the tagline “The right information in the right hands at the right time”, internationally renowned physicians and thought leaders will be discussing the various ways maternal-child data can be utilized to promote positive outcomes and research in Canada. To register for this conference or to learn more, please click here:

Why does Data Matter?

It’s all in the numbers. Numbers open doors to the unknown and help us understand the holes in our systems and practices. From conception to birth to the very first steps a child makes, numbers tell the story of our health and the health of our children. With dashboards and health analytics in place, data obtained from prenatal and maternal integration systems helps us monitor patients and ultimately, improve outcomes, support program planning, and make informed policy making. Numbers speak louder than words, and meaningful data helps clinicians and hospital staff analyze their patients and provide quick and efficient care when it’s needed without delay. Understanding the underlying trends in maternal care can help organizations see the bigger picture and see where improvements are needed. By implementing robust integration systems, clinicians can take a step further and utilize rich and real-time data to facilitate performance which is commonly analyzed by third-party institutions.

Did you know that BORN’s scientific team analyzed data related to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic and showed that immunization of pregnant women during the outbreak helped protect newborns, as well as mothers? Such data helped healthcare professionals act on this evidence to increase the quality of care for children around the world. The power of data is limitless.


Paving a Roadmap for the Future

We walk the walk; our passion for helping to shape a positive and healthy future for mothers and children alike stems from our ongoing partnership with Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) Ontario. Our team helped develop the pregnancy, birth and childhood registry for the purpose of collecting, sharing, and rigorously protecting critical data about each child born in the province. We know first-hand that the right integration engine can provide hospital staff with a deeper insight into the numbers at work – the real-time data that is guiding the fundamental gears that are modeling the future of prenatal and maternal child care. This allows the province to develop responsive and beneficial health policies to help researchers make lives better for children, parents, and families around the world.


Share Ideas and Strategies at 2015 BORN Conference

The BORN Conference is an open discussion event where you can cross-pollinate your ideas and experiences with top thinkers and researchers from across Canada. If you have any questions about our solutions and insight, stop by our booth on February 6th. Our President, Michael Lonsway, and Vice-President of Sales, Patrick Parato will be giving a brief presentation on our role at BORN. Read their latest bulletin highlighting their Maternal Newborn Dashboard (MND), a real-time audit and feedback system built on Microsoft Technology to learn how this new feature promotes evidence-informed practices and optimal care.

Interested in reading more about our partnership with BORN Ontario? Click here to read our case study.

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