Hybrid Integration Platform

Cloud-native. Total ownership.

Corolar is a Hybrid Integration Platform that gives you total ownership.

As the number of applications available to business areas continues to grow, integration becomes increasingly critical for complex enterprises and start-ups alike.
Deploy in the cloud or on premises with our cloud-native hybrid integration platform (HIP). Integrate to your cloud environment of choice (avoiding lock-in with any specific vendor), or to on premise and bespoke systems with equal ease. Whether you are a cloud integration specialist, a citizen integrator, or the owner of a legacy system, Corolar has you covered in a single, unified experience.


Corolar is designed using cloud-native technology to bring you the benefits of cloud scalability.


Corolar gives you full control and ownership of your environment, applications, and data.


Corolar is built to support all types of data and protocols without limiting you to proprietary APIs.


Take control of integrations with total confidence and protect the flow of your most sensitive data.

Features & Functionality

Scale with Cloud-Native Design

Corolar is designed using cloud-native technology to bring you the benefits of cloud scalability, self-service, and resilience.

  • Instantly scale your organization up or out, improve agility, and build redundancy with less risk and lower costs.
  • Backed by hyper cloud scale, you can easily process even the most demanding message volume with no hardware requirements.
  • Modernize your IT operations and free up resources for high-value initiatives and growth.

Own your Integration

Corolar gives you full control and ownership of your environment, applications, and data. We set you up, you take control.

  • Manage your environment, applications, and data and minimize risk exposure.
  • All the benefits of cloud infrastructure, but in your cloud – not ours.
  • Control your data sovereignty according to your unique business needs and regional requirements.
  • You choose how and where your data is stored, how often it’s backed up, which encryption scheme is used, and who has physical access to the data.

Connect without Restriction

Whether your target systems are SaaS, on-prem custom apps behind firewalls, or outside of your organization, Corolar’s hybrid integration means you can easily integrate anything in one interface.

  • No proprietary APIs means that you can integrate anything in your IT landscape.
  • Pre-built and highly customizable adaptors allow for custom integrations on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Exchange and interpret data from any information source: Mobile Apps, Wearables, Billing Systems, EHRs, Medical Devices, CRMs and much more.

Secure by Design

The more integration points you manage, the greater your risk exposure. The Corolar Hybrid Integration Platform is secure by design.

  • Manage users and define roles to control access to specific features, actions and interfaces.
  • Tokenization of sensitive data in transit provides security and confidentiality.
  • Compliance to regulatory mandates: PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, EU GDPR and others.

Extend the capabilities of your healthcare integration engine with the Corolar product family

Corolar Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Real-time relational storage of clinical data stored in HL7 messages. With the CDR, achieve detailed and quick insight across the enterprise and transform healthcare data into evidence-informed strategies.


what is CDR?

Corolar HealthVault Connector

Facilitates interoperability between Microsoft HealthVault and HL7 interfaces, as well as other proprietary interfaces, allowing seamless sharing of one patient record across the organization.


What is HealthVault Connector?

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